I’ve Begun Designing on a Mac Using TextMate

TextMateI’ve finally decided to start designing on a Mac. I’m using TextMate and I really like it so far. After I get used to using it I’ll post the tips and shortcuts that I use the most to help other TextMate novices. If you have a favorite tip or shortcut please post it in the comments below, especially if they’ll help a developer like me who is developer that uses Windows.

In the near future I’ll be trying out Gusto on the iPad. I’m in the process of updating this site, so I may decide to use Gusto just so I can blame the delays on using an iPad when I could just use my desktop.

Seriously though, I’m going to be updating the look and feel of the site tomorrow and I’ll add new plugins and start using social media to promote the site. After that I’ll begin writing a plugin to make it easier to use the Javascript feed from ncsreporting.com to promote credit cards inside a WordPress site.

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